Automatic Door Systems

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DAS 20 Liner Automatic doors

Intelligent automatic sliding doors

The system 20 range of products is a sliding door operator system for all applications. Intelligent door automation is safer and more reliable than earlier systems, thanks to interactive communication between operator components, sensor systems and remote control devices; the system is also self-learning. This universal automatic door system uses the same basic components and peripherals, and can be used for all types of door applications. The system 20 ensures innovative, intelligent automatic sliding doors

DAS 127 Swing Automatic doors

Automatic drive system for swing doors

In the case of the 127 swing door operators, force is applied to the door leaf by means of a swinging arm, thus enabling it to open and close. Automating doors with two leaves enables them to have the largest possible clear opening width. The operator is especially suitable for solutions for disabled people in apartment blocks, nursing homes and homes for the elderly.

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